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Welcome to Access Locks Courses

We operate a 1-day Foundation Locksmiths' Course for beginners and experienced locksmiths alike. We will give you practical locksmith training in Bristol, showing you how to pick locks for the first time, and how to hone and further your skills with different types of locks and situations. If you are looking to establish your own locksmith business, our foundation training is the place to begin.

Where and when:

We offer a full 1-day foundation course, providing locksmith training in Bristol, just off Junction 16 of the M5 on the A38. There is free parking and refreshments available. Breakfasts are served next door, enabling you to arrive early and have a good meal before your course begins.

SPECIAL OFFER - £50 off course until end of March 

Our courses have a minimum of 10 candidates. Once we have 10 spaces filled we will be in contact to confirm your place. 




   Learn a powerful skill



Locksmithing is always a handy skill

You can help people when they are locked out, and learn the trade as a hobby. You will also learn how to make your own home more secure, spotting security weaknesses and how to mitigate them. You'll also gain an introduction to unlocking vehicles, padlocks and clamps, and how to use the professional tools of a locksmith. If you are looking for locksmith training in Bristol, Access Locks should be your first port of call.

As specialist locksmith trainers, we have more time for you than other non-specialists, and our locksmith teacher has over 20 years of experience in the trade.

What you'll learn

Understand how locks work

The first part of the course will help you understand the different locking mechanisms, how they operate, and how they secure a door or padlock effectively. This knowledge is vital for anyone starting out in the locksmith's trade.


Pick most locks in seconds

You'll be given practical demonstrations and practice in picking many kinds of locks, enabling non-destructive entry quickly and efficiently. Through diligent practice and tutoring, you can fine tune your art as a professional locksmith.

Unlock almost any car

With our locksmith training in Bristol, we will show you how to unlock vehicles without damaging the mechanism, enabling you to access locked-in keys, and giving your future customers a professional and fast service.

Use of professional tools

We will show you how to use all the tools involving the locksmith trade. From lock picks and valves to broken key extraction, you will get a chance to perfect every aspect of using locksmith's tools in a professional and safe manner.



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If you are looking for locksmith training in Bristol, book your course with us for just £300.

Use our handy enquiry form opposite, book online or call directly on 07751 784339.